Le Gateau Chocolat




14 - 19 Jan


Cabaret,  Music


70 minutes

Opera and lycra loving award-winning cabaret sensation Le Gateau Chocolat returns to his beloved Christchurch with the New Zealand premiere of his solo show, ICONS.

Walking the tightrope between his public and private personas, Le Gateau Chocolat explores the people, the moments, the relationships, the art that have come to shape us and the ideals we aspire to.

Accompanied by a live band, Gateau unashamedly weaves through an eclectic mix of music; pop, opera, rock; Kate Bush, Whitney, Meatloaf, Pavarotti... investigating his own objects of worship through the songs and music of his personal icons.

“His voice is both delicate and gloriously meteorological, his ceiling-lifting baritone rich and silky as a Lindor truffle and resonant as a bell.” The Stage


Smoke effects, Haze effects

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Australian Times
His performance will stay with you forever
The Entertainment Hive
It literally took my breath away. Don’t miss this show, but do take some tissues and remember to breathe.
The List
Time seems to stand still when Le Gateau Chocolat works his thing. A diva nonpareil, his bass baritone can make mountains quake, but is just as affecting when down to a near whisper.

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